About Jade

Java™ Applications!

NTT DoCoMo's share of the cellular phone market is the envy of others the world over, continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The Java-enabled phone's entrance in the market has increased the interest in DoCoMo's product line, not only in the traditional cell phone market, but with players in other industries as well because of the exciting prospect of running various applications on a cell phone.

Inevitably, the need for i-mode™ compliant Java application software arose.

Zentek embraced this need early, and has created a platform which emulates the KVM built-into Java-enabled cellular phones on an ordinary PC, allowing the user to:

* Debug applications during development for target cell phones
* Retain Java development capital

The i-JADE development environment has been created for global use. The software is cost-effective and of the highest quality. Using i-JADE Basic it is possible to accurately reproduce the behavior of the handsets.

A powerful tool for mobile application developers, i-JADE Basic provides i-mode Java classes, a HTML file templates and i-mode handset-specific emulators. i-JADE integrates with a range of IDEs and provides valuable tools for i-mode™ Java application development.

[ http://www.zentek.com/eng/products/mobile/jade/index.html ]

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