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i-JADE Basic provides the developer with the powerful i-mode™ handset emulation features needed by serious i-mode™ application developers. By using i-JADE Basic, developers can immediately verify operation of applications on a PC. A versions for OS X to follow.

i-JADE Basic offers more than emulation. Used in conjunction with Java development IDEs, developers can compile, build, and debug mobile applications. All debugging features of the IDE -- including breakpoint setting, single stepping, and variable display -- are available to the developer, thus greatly improving development efficiency.

Even first-time developers of i-mode™ Java applications will find it easy to develop for i-mode.

Whether you are an individual, a company, educator, or student, regardless of your affiliations, you can download and run i-JADE Basic anywhere in the world.

Recommended hardware and software for i-JADE Basic:

  • Java: Java 2 SDK1.3 or later (required)
  • Memory: At least 128MB (recommended)
  • OS: Windows 2000
  • Disk space: At least 20MB
  • CPU: 300+MHz Pentium or compatible processor)
  • Graphics: At least a VGA monitor (SVGA recommended)

See the Wireless Watch video covering i-JADE.
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i-JADE Basic release announcement

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